Alaska Airlines jet hits brown bear while landing in southeast

Officials said a jetliner from Alaska Airlines struck a brown bear while landing early on Saturday evening, killing the animal and damaging the plane.

Anchorage Daily News reported that no passengers or crew were injured in the crash at Yakutat Airport in southeastern Alaska.

Boeing 737-700 aircraft sow brown Alaska Department of Transportation and Facilities spokesman Sam Dapciewicz said the child, who was two years old, was not injured.

The airport crew cleaned the runway for about 10 minutes before taking off, Dapciewicz said. The aircraft landed after dark, and the crew followed normal procedures for runway inspection.

During the inspection, the officials did not see any signs of wildlife. Dapsiewicz said the pilots noticed two bears crossing the runway as the jet slowed down after landing.

“Nose gear Miss Bear but the captain said in a statement,” The captain felt affected on the left after the bear went under the plane. ”

The airline said the pilot spotted the bear about 20 feet (6 meters) away from the center of the runway, as the plane landed in the parking area shortly before 6:30 p.m.

It was not immediately clear how many passengers were in the flight. Plane flew from Cordova and is scheduled to stay in Juno after leaving Yakut.

The engine on the left side of the aircraft was damaged and the aircraft remained at Yakutta on Sunday.

“Our maintenance technicians are repairing the aircraft, which will take a few days,” Alaska Airlines said.

Some of the airport is surrounded by a fence. The newspaper reported that workers receive annual wildlife hazard training and use fireworks or vehicles to drive the animals away.

Earlier, the aircraft was reported to have killed deer, geese, caribou and other Alaskan animals, but Dapsiewicz said it was the first time he had known about a bear attack.

The crew at Yakutat Airport cleaned the carcass from the runway. Dapsevich said the Alaska Department of Fish and Game will collect the remains.

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