6 to 18 years old Online registration for covid vaccination

6 to 18 years old Online registration for covid vaccination has now started in our district for all the beneficiaries from 6 years to 18 years.


Online registration for covid vaccination

Online registration for covid vaccination


The following are the steps for online registration of the vaccine.

1) https://selfregistration.cowin.gov.in
Open this link and go to the registration portal and select the registration option.

2) Enter your mobile number and click on Get OTP.

3) OTP will come to your mobile number, which will have to be submitted in 180 seconds.

4) As soon as you submit the OTP, a new page will open in which you have to fill in your details.

5) In addition to support for photo ID, driving license, PAN card, passport, pension passbook, NPR smart card or water ID will also be valid.

6) Select one of the options and give the ID number.

7) Name, caste, date of birth should be stated.

8) You will then have the option to select the nearest Covid Vaccination Center.

9) After selecting the center, you can select the convenient time slot.


How do I pre-register myself online for an appointment for vaccination?

Online registration and appointment can be done through Co-WIN portal.

You will have to give some basic information about yourself and details of your photo identification card to get yourself registered online.

From one mobile phone number, one can register 4 people, however, each person will need their own photo identification document.

If Aadhar card is used as identification document, consent will be obtained and recorded.

Through the portal, you can find out the list of available CVCs and dates and time of available vaccination slots, to book an appointment as per your choice. You will need an OTP verification prior to registration and a confirmation slip/token will be generated after registration. You will also get a confirmatory sms later.

For all Private Hospitals, prior registration and appointment will be the only method of registration.

For Government hospitals, a proportion of slots will be available for online registration and appointment, the rest will be kept for on site registration and vaccination.

Appointments for any date for a Vaccination Center will be closed at 12:00 pm on the day prior to the date


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