Where is Proscenic M7 Pro robot vacuum

The M7 Pro performs both vacuuming and mopping tasks, uses laser navigation and mapping, and offers plenty of cleaning customizations at a solid mid-range price.

The M7 Pro does not break any molds in its design, and sticks to a standard black circular shape. At just over 13 inches wide, its height above average of 3.8 inches reflects the laser tower – which allows it to map out the floor plan – seated at the top. Underneath it there are two edging brushes and the main rotating brush. 600ml waste bin holes at the back.

You can control the vacuum cleaner with a physical remote control, the accompanying app for Proscenic Home, or by using voice commands via Amazon Alexa. The app provides several ways to customize cleaning functions, including scheduling, setting virtual limits, and area cleaning. It also tracks cleaning statistics and battery usage and alerts you when the vacuum is stuck.

Setting up the M7 Pro is very simple. then set the broom on it and turn it on. To connect to the app and WI-Fi, press the Clean and Home buttons on the vacuum cleaner simultaneously until the voice prompt tells you that it is ready to connect. The app takes over from there, and guides you through the steps of calling with the voice space prompts confirming the success of each one. I ran into no problems, and the whole process only took 2 minutes.

For the first cleaning, it’s important to clean the floor from clutter, so the M7 Pro has unrestricted access to create an accurate floor map. As it is cleaning, you can display its path on the map as a white squiggly line wrapping around the room. The app also displays the area covered in square meters, the task duration, and the current battery level.

Once you have a complete map, you can set up restricted areas where you don’t want the robot to go. A clearly named button on the map screen opens this feature and prompts you to give the area a descriptive name: “dog bed,” for example. Then it drops a red bounding box on the map to drag it to the appropriate position and resize it. The box disappears from the map once the region is saved, leaving only the region’s name on the map.

The map also enables area cleaning when you don’t want to clean up an entire room or level of your home. To do this, select a custom region from the map screen and then add a custom region. You are asked again to name the area, and then a green boundary box will appear on the map for you to change its size and position. Tap on Temporarily save area to finish.

You will not see these dedicated cleaning areas marked on the main map; They are saved in a separate map that appears when you access the More menu and select Multi-Zone Cleaning. All you need to do to clean one of these areas is to select it and hit the Go to Clean button.

Area cleaning was helpful when I used the M7 Pro downstairs. I was able to mark the living room, kitchen, and bathroom as separate cleaning areas and send the M7 Pro to each to vacuum or wipe individually.

The M7 Pro was able to transition over medium-pile carpet, hardwood, and vinyl tile floors without a problem. It allowed laser navigation and 24 sensors on board to move around furniture, along walls and through entrances without crashing into anything or taking ineffective routes. Its enhanced height prevented its turret from falling under my low sofa, but that was really the only problem I ran into

The vacuum cleaner has three suction strengths – quiet, powerful and powerful – the latter with a massive suction power of 2700 Pa. That was central to grabbing the pet hair and debris from my carpet. I have generally used the M7 Pro in Auto mode, so it will boost suction automatically when it detects the carpet, but there is also a Spot mode for cleaning extra small, soiled areas.

The litter box removes and opens easily to empty it, but if you are allergic or are especially sensitive to dust, you may want to consider using a Proscenic automatic dust and dirt collection device. Sold separately for around $ 99, the M7 Pro will empty in a similar fashion to iRobot’s Roomba i7 +, s9 +, and i3 + models. Unfortunately, we didn’t have one available for testing so I can’t tell you how effective it will be. I can tell you that replacement bags for dust collector cost about $ 16.50 for a 3-pack.

The M7 Pro includes a separate wiping unit and a 110ml water tank connected to a microfiber cloth. It performs alongside a similarly equipped robotic vacuum cleaner, meaning it’s fine, but not great. Once you fill the tank with water and attach it to the M7 Pro, it pulls the damp cloth across the floor to wipe out surface dirt.

Updated: January 9, 2021 — 6:59 am

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